Flat Rock Road House

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Project Information




A stunning site North-West of Melbourne’s CBD provided an opportunity for a signature form inspired both by the topography, view and the client’s desire for a strong and robust home. 

The large program of accommodation and the exposed position on a spur of land at the ridge above Hurstbridge produced this durable series of concrete plates between which all the spaces of the house are arranged. The progression through them gradually reveals the various long and short range views from the site, connecting all the functions of the house to the surrounding land.

Sustainability is made literal in this most monumental of homes. While concrete is high in embodied energy, its durability ensures the long life of the building through bushfires and the harsher winters on the ridge. Interstitial metalwork and timber will be replaced and renewed through the use of the house, while proven technologies like in-slab hydronic heating and the thermal mass throughout the house will moderate the internal comfort whatever the energy sources, as knowledge develops.

The project was originally carried out within WH Architects and continues currently in documentation and construction.